Lai Hon Foo

List of Achievements
National Honours
  • Associate (APSM) of Photographic Society of Malaysia, Malaysia (2014)
  • Associate (ASPAS) of Sarawak Photo-Art Society, Sarawak (2014)
  • Associate (ASPM) of Society of Photographer Malaysia, Malaysia (2015)
  • Salon Exhibitor (SE.PSBP) of Photo-Art Society Batu Pahat, Johor (2016)
International Honours
  • Associate (ASWAN) of SWAN International Photo Club, USA (2014)
  • Excellence (EFMPA) of Federation Multi-Cultural Photographic Art, USA (2015)
  • Fellow (FSWAN) of SWAN International Photo Club, USA (2015)
  • Four Star Exhibitor in Nature Division (PSA 4 Star ND) of Photographic Society of America, USA (2015)
  • Three Star Exhibitor in Projected Image Division-Color Class (PSA 3 Star PIDC) of Photographic Society of America, USA (2015)
  • Artist (AUSPA) of United States Photographic Alliance, USA (2016)
  • Associate (AICS) of Image Colleague Society International, USA (2016)
Description of Work
Wild Fungi
They are fungal plants which use spore as a means of propagation and to colonize new habitats. They are usually found in forested areas under dark and damp condition.


They mostly grow on rotted and decomposing plant material such as dead logs and trees stumps. They come in many shapes and sizes.


The fruiting bodies of many fungi can show very elaborate and intricate patterns which can be captured using micro and macro photography techniques. Fungi come in all spectrum of colours, from dull hues to vibrant colours, what was invisible to the naked eye.


Fungi generally contain phytochemicals and other chemically active compound. Some of those chemicals are poisonous while others are endowed with heath and medicinal properties.