João Luís de Queiroz Taborda

Profile & Photographic Activity
Born in Lisbon, Portugal on July 19th 1950, Taborda is a Medical Doctor specialized in Lung Diseases and is a passionate about photography.


Raised in a family with a common passion for photography, from a young age João became familiar with the cameras and lab work.


From 1987, with added experience, he started applying for national and international competitions.


He was granted the PPSA Distinction by the Photographic Society of America (PSA) in 2013, and the EFIAP award title, Excellence Artist by the Fédération International de L’Art Photographique (FIAP). Recently in 2015 was awarded the Hon.FtGM (Honoris Fotogram) title, by Fotogram Art Studio, Belgrade, Serbia.


Winner of well over three hundred (300 plus) photography contest awards, highlighting:
  • Winner of the 11th World Photo Festival - Grand Award, Batana-Rovigno, Croatia, in 2000
  • Performed an international individual photo exhibition at the Visual Arts Center, in Rovigno, Croatia, in 2001
  • International individual exhibition held in Brussels, Belgium in 2001
  • Performed more than thirty (30) other individual photo exhibitions;


His earlier awards date back to 1993 in his native Portugal, some as follows:
  • Portimão City Award - Racal Club Silves in 1995 and Gold Medal (1993), Silver Medal (1995-1997) and Bronze Medal (1994-1997) at the International Exhibition of Photography in the Algarve (Racal Club Silves), Portugal
  • Selected as one of the eight photographers who represented Portugal in the EEC Exhibition - One day in European, in 1997
  • Portuguese Association of Photographic Art board member from 1990 to 1993
  • Served as judge in several photography events such as the International Fair of Photographic Art – Silves, one of the most prestigious events in the world of art photography for years, since 1998
  • João Taborda has authored two (2) photography books: Cerealia in 1992, and Caleidoscópio in 1994. He is also a frequent photo publisher in several magazines and newspapers;


Taborda is frequently invited to serve as judge in several international photo events, namely
  • Judge at the International Fair of Photographic Art – Silves, Portugal, since 1998
  • Judge at the Austrian Super Circuit – Linz, Austria, 2003
  • Judge at the Photography fair – Linz, Austria, 2013


In 2011 Taborda returns to his photographic work making the transition from analog to digital photography, presenting photos on international fairs and events all around the world. He won more than fifty (50) gold medals, several more silver and bronze medals and received over one-hundred and fifty (150 plus) special mentions, some of which are listed as follows:
  • Gold Medal of the PSA (Photographic Society of America) – award winner in twenty (20) occasions
  • Gold Medal FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art) – winner of the award in twenty (20) occasions
  • Gold Medal of the UPI (International Union of Photographers) GPU – winner of the award in twelve (12) occasions
  • Gold Medal of the "Golden West" California, USA
  • Gold Medal of the FSF (Serbia Federation of Photography) – award winner six in (6) occasions
  • Gold Medal of the FAF (Argentine Federation of Photography)
  • Gold Medal of the Bulgarian Academy
  • Gold Medal of the IAAP, (International Association of Architectural Photographers)
  • Gold Medal ISF (Image sans frontier) – winner of this award in two (2) occasions
  • Gold Medal of the RPS (Royal Photographic Society), in the U.K. in four (4) occasions
  • Gold Medal of Bosnia and Herzegovina Photography Association
  • Gold Medal – Catalan Federation
  • Gold Medal Trierenberg – Austria
  • Gold Medal IVAF – India
  • Gold Medal of Asansol – India
  • Gold Medal AAFR – Photographic Association of Romania
  • Gold Medal AFCC – Finland
  • Gold Medal CAPS – People’s Republic of China
  • Gold Medal of the UAP – Union of Arab Photographers
  • Gold Medal JPS, Jodhpur International Circuit, 2015
  • Gold Medal of the SCPS, Singapore, 2015
  • Gold Medal of the photographic Society of Hong-Kong (PSHK), 2015
  • United International Photographers (IUP) Medal, 2015
  • Gold Medal, Yaulin 2015, Taiwan
  • Gold Medal of IVAF, India, in one occasion


Also a special mention to the following recent commendations:
  • Photo of the year in 2013 at PSA (American Society of Photography) in "Small Prints"
  • In 2015 was awarded by the PSA in “Who’s Who in Photography” World Listing as
    • fourth (4th) “Photo Travel Digital” Top Exhibitor
    • seventh (7th) Top Exhibitor in “Projected Image Color” division
    • ninth (9th) in “Projected Image Monochrome”
    • Also included amongst the Top Exhibitors in “Photojournalism”


João Taborda continues challenging his talent today, by participating in the most relevant international photography fairs, meetings and circuits, whilst pursues and deepens his craving for excellence in fine art photography.
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