David Sattin

Profile & Photographic Activity
My name is David Sattin I was born in Piove di Sacco in the province of Padua in the year 1975. I have always been passionate about photography since childhood, because I saw my father use the camera. At the time I had a Polaroid camera because I did not wait for the development time.
That first experience was just a game, but then in adulthood, with more economic opportunities, resumed this passion.


Together with other friends, I know the world of international photography and for me it was a big incentive to improve, to grow, to get involved.


I spent much time studying to try to refine the technique to have the right tools to communicate something with my pictures.


The results have started to arrive, with several awards at international, national and, in particular my photo "Immersive Reading" has allowed me to make myself known to a wide audience.


Personally I love all kinds of pictures, but I prefer the portrait set, the landscape photos, and reportage.


In the moment of the shot always I try to find an emotion, and I try to bring it back in the shot. Usually this does not always happen easily, I have to wait for the best time, to know my subject and establish an emotional contact.


In the pictures of the landscape rather in the sense I have a more "scientific" approach, before deciding on the place to make the shot I try to document to understand the time with the best light, and that the climatic conditions are attractive. I prefer the days of clouds and rain rather than a simple blue sky.


I'm not a photographer who has traveled a lot, so I try to get to know people and places of the places where I live, this on the one hand makes my job more difficult, because it is not easy to find something very interesting in everyday life.


I traveled in Eastern Europe, in Romania looking for people and places still in time, I am very interested in the popular translations that unfortunately are disappearing.


Some of my national and international successes:
  1. Best Author "Al-Thani Award" in 2015.
  2. GPU Gold "Equinoxe Three"
  3. Best Photo of Journalism - "Grand Tour Of Hills 2016".
  4. Silver Medal - "Grand Tour Of Hills 2016" - "Trofeo Colline del Chianti"
  5. Second prize at 51 ° Trofeo Cupolone of Florence.
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