B.A.N. Nanda

Profile & Photographic Activity
Dedicated and energetic Photographer with 15+ years’ extensive experience in custom and specialized photography. Competent at capturing high quality images and organizing materials for photo shoots while displaying confidence and professionalism at all times. Conversant with different types of photography including fashion, Pictorial, Photojournalism and landscapes Well-versed with advanced photography equipment and tools.


Key Accomplishments
  • Vice-President of Dolphin Camera Association
  • Member of Indian International Photographic Council.
  • Member Image colleague Society of America.
  • Associate Image colleague of America-AICS
  • Artist United States Photographic Alliance-AUSPA
  • Published photographs of Pictorials and Landscapes in News Papers and magazines.
  • Awarded Photographer of the year award for being chosen as the photographer whose work was displayed at the Art Museum.
  • Received several Awards in National and state Level workshop and competitions.
  • 350+ Acceptances in national and international saloons.
  • Conducted several solo photo exhibitions.
  • Conducted several workshops and seminars in collages and schools form our club.
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