Indian Visual Arts Foundation

IVAF is a unique platform to empower your visual sensitivity through different visual arts medium. This is an open center to represent our views through visual arts in front of the world.

Preliminary, Photography is our main domain of the expression. Our main vision is to promote fine art photography. We saw this type of photography in a very few occasion. Apart from wedding photography or studio based photography, we are familiar with wild-life photography, news based photography and similar sort of things. Photography is used from its early age as a strong medium of documentation. It’s true and it’s not restricted in this fashion… now, photography can be used in different manners… Macro photography, Human Interest, Digital Alteration, Creative Still-life, Landscape… lots of different streams of photography is flowing today. Photography has one of its unique characteristics… it has no language barrier. And we all know, one shot is more than a thousand words. It’s all about creation, the way in which one composes the frame is completely unique and if that is perfect, thousands pairs of eye is waiting to appreciate that. You might be a sales executive or school teacher or engineer or a higher level student… creativity does not depend whatever you are. It only matter, what you are expressing, and the way… your life can be changed after opening your eyes through a viewfinder of a camera.

The journey has commenced by initially setting an institution to impart preliminary education in the field of photography. This is to be followed by various awareness programs in relation to modern day photography.

Mission and Vision

  • Set up a public, charitable and non-profit making institution for promoting, furthering, encouraging and advancing interest, education and active involvement in the visual arts like photography, graphics, etc.
  • Design courses for imparting education and training in visual arts, and to conduct and teach such courses.
  • Set up a state of the art academy for the purpose of education and training in visual arts.
  • Hold or facilitate the holding of study tours, exhibitions, salons, shows, competitions, workshops, conferences, symposia, lectures, etc., either on its own or in association with other institutions and organizations, with the objective of imparting education in the scientific, aesthetic and cultural aspects of visual arts.
  • Set up and maintain laboratories and other facilities for research and advanced enquiry into the science and technical aspects of photography and other branches of visual arts.
  • Set up galleries, auditoriums, libraries, museums and other infrastructural facilities, including clubs, societies and similar common-interest groups for promoting scope for interaction between members of the public who are interested in the visual arts.
  • Establish, maintain and/or grant studentships, scholarships, stipends, prizes, awards and other aids and incentives to needy students and/or promising talents in the field of visual arts.


Our Team :

Board of Governors –

Apratim Ray | Prabal K Sarkar | Sayan Sarkar | Sunita Aich | Soumya Basu | Ritankar Das | Joydeep Lahiri

Associates –

Arijit Mukherjee | Dwaipayan Basu | Gouri Sarkar | Indrajit Pal | Debasree Das | Biswarup Ghosh | Debashis Mitra | Krishanu Majumder | Sandip Shaw | Raka Kar | Abhirup Bose